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Which is the best Woocommerce Plugin

What is the Best WooCommerce Membership Plugin?

WooCommerce membership plugin is an extension for woocommerce which allows you to restrict your content so that it is accessible to the members on your site. Plugins help you to create the designed memberships and these give access to the members on your content.

There are various sites available for WooCommerce plugins like, YITH and member press, and many more membership plugins. Here, we will discuss some best WooCommerce membership plugin names.

  1. Woocommerce Membership Extension

The first best membership plugin is the Woocommerce membership extension. This membership plugin helps you to build the best website system that protects your premium content and stores the WordPress products by allowing access for using the WooCommerce membership extension.

This plugin has many amazing features such as:

  • Import and export member data in bulk
  • Supportive for good members
  • Ease communication with members
  • Drip content supply
  • Allow members for multiple accounts
  • Restricted product viewing and purchasing
  • Modifiable membership plan

The best advantage of this membership plugin is that it can be used by both beginners and experts. You can confine any kind of content like a blog post, data, courses, and products, etc. This membership is easy to use as compared to other WordPress membership plugins.

  1. YITH Membership plugin

The second best membership plugin is the YITH membership plugin which is mainly used to build your relationship platform based on membership. When I use this membership plugin it has a great feature that you can easily extend the premium content for your users or the client members.

YITH membership plugin is popular with some features like you can also create unlimited membership for your website. According to your need, you can set the expiration date for every membership. It gives you access to select the particular content with the help of this membership plugin. Having the option to edit or delete the content through the help of this plugin.

You can also check the history of every member and manage the unregistered users on your website. It gives you the option to share the freely accessible content for registered members and for the e-mail marketing options.

To add the WooCommerce login form has a shortcode and also hides the price and adds a cart-button which is comparably good from other plugins.

  1. MemberPress

Member press is one of the easiest plugins to use for building membership websites which is also used by me. It offers you various useful features that can be added to your website in just a few minutes. I feel happy to use this membership plugin because it makes my work easier.

The other additional feature is that I observed and like the most is that it has a simple model of payment configuration. This plugin can be integrated easily with all marketing tools like AWeber & GetResponse etc. To create the premium community forum it can be integrated with depressant with forum plugins.

You can also create your own affiliate marketing programs that give you detailed reporting for this and also the option to create and manage the coupons.

  1.  Restrict Content pro

Restrict content pro is another powerful membership plugin for WordPress.With the help of this plugin, you can easily build a membership website. The features which are received from this plugin are works the digitals download easily.

Have a great support system for the users. Also, you can create the coupon codes and you can export the data, and get detailed reports.

  1. WooCommerce Members Only

This membership plugin helps you to build a private store with WooCommerce. By using this you can easily protect your content and make it exclusively for all your members.

This membership plugin helps you to protect your content through password, Users ID, and login status. Also, it creates multiple access tries to provide the different roles with different content access.

  1. WordPress eMember

WordPress eMember is the right tool to help you with your website membership system. The features included in this membership are like it protects your post, pages, and categories. You have the option to blacklist any users and if you want then you can also manage multiple websites through this plugin.

It gives you the option to create teaser content for unregistered users. This membership plugin allows the users to bookmark the content. It really works well and is easy to use.

  1.  Paid Member Subscription

This membership plugin is good for beginners and the best plugin for building a membership-based platform. I will tell you some reasons why this membership has a popular choice and why beginners want to purchase this plugin.

It provides you with a great user experience and it is super easy to use. I personally have a good experience with this plugin. It also connects you to multiple memberships.

  1. S2 Member

S2 is a limited feature of the membership plugin that comes with a free version. Some features offer you easy setup and payment methods. It provides you the integration with tools like Buddypress and Mailchimp. It comes with content drip features. Customizable form for the new registrations.

S2 member is used by me and it is a free membership plugin to use with minimum features. S2 member has powered your entire WordPress shortcodes to make the complex integration easy and quick.

  1. Multi Vendor Marketplace

This is a free membership plugin for the market vendor marketplace for building a membership website. With the help of the plugin, you can easily build a free and paid subscription membership.

This free plugin can be used by anyone most for beginners on the website. You have to set the different commission structures for various membership plans. It keeps the management of user subscriptions. Multi Vendor Marketplace gives you multilingual support to use the plugin on your website.

  1.   Paid Membership pro

Paid Membership plugin is a trustable plugin that can be customized as per your business needs. The membership provides you unlimited support tickets and one of the best things is it has a flexible and cheaper membership pricing option. It allows you to make the payment by many gateways.

It gives you all the tools that you need to start, manage, and gain membership on your website. This plugin is especially for content sites, associations, and for the subscription of products.


The best woocommerce membership plugin helps you a lot at the time to purchase the plugin. The features given you above are the best idea to check out before purchase the membership plugin. Customers interact with the benefits and features offered in benefits and check which one is really beneficial for their website.

In real-time how it works as to justify my statement in the above paragraph that some of the membership is really best for use for your website.

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