Paid Memberships Pro

Paid membership Pro plugins for WordPress 
Paid Membership Pro gives you the complete management and membership subscription for your website. The paid membership pro plugin is used by the startup or beginner website designer to give the website a good level.

Paid membership gives you all the tools which you need to start, manage and grow your website. Paid Membership Pro is also designed for premium content sites, associations, subscriptions, and more.

Wowgpl – Best GPL Club gives you the best plugin, theme, and template kit product which is more useful for you in the starting stage to make the website more attractive in one look with other competitors in the market.

 Also, we have renowned brands which you give to our customers like Admin Template, Drupal, Ghost, Joomla, and many more.

Paid membership Pro allows you to select the level of membership which you want to add to your website like a complete checkout feature, fastly comes on your website. 

You can see the members on your website who log in on your website, view payments and update the billing information and cancel the account on the website.

You can use the paid membership pro with a simple setup and deeply customizable features. You have the access on your hand to give them access only to the members on your content, can create an unlimited number of membership levels with flexible pricing including by trial and pay.

The plugin allows you to integrate your website with popular gateways like Paypal, Mastercard, and more. Also, you can manage your data by importing and exporting the orders of the members and view the reports on sales and revenue. is the best GPL website to offer you the best plugin and theme templates option with a good price. Also, we provide 1 year of premium membership so you can unlock the basic features to make your website more developed.

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Showing 1–20 of 72 results