Support Candy
Support Candy is a helpdesk and support ticket system plugin that is really helpful for your website. This plugin tool is more advanced in its use for simplicity, functionality, and extendability.

The support candy is a core product that has everything needed to start a complete helpdesk system on your website. The core features you will get in this plugin are unlimited tickets, custom fields, advanced ticket filter, email notification, agent-only fields, multisite and translation-ready.

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This plugin helps you to create an account to raise the ticket. This is helpful for your website because many websites where sales lose a potential customer. The reason is they do not like to create an account so it is very helpful for the website.

The support candy is a fully responsive design that is designed to work on possible screen sizes so that you can optimize it anytime and anywhere. The customizable form allows you to design the ticket as per your requirement.

The support candy gives you the advanced filter option from the ticket list which is really powerful. 

You can save the filter so you can adjust it to apply by one-click list. You can also use the target for specific ticket information which really gets replaced dynamically.

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Also, you get 1 year of premium membership and can unlock the feature option and get more benefits. We promise to serve you the best product for you.

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Showing 1–20 of 22 results