Pixel your Site WordPress Plugin download 
Nowadays pixel is used by everyone who runs their online business on the website. Pixel your site is a small pixel plugin tool that is added to your website to check the important actions taken by the visitors like searches, form submit, comments, and downloads on your website.

Thousands of online marketers generate millions of revenue by creating the add platforms by searching the customer’s need by adding the pixel site. Pixel size is a tracking tool that helps you a lot to make your website effective and reach it at a high goal.

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Also, we have been here in the reputed market for over 5 years. Also, you can purchase our renowned brands for your website like Admin Template, Drupal, Ghost, Joomla.

The pixel size is the best plugin for your WordPress plugin that is really unique and attractive. Pixel site helps you to track your WordPress, managing Facebook pixel, ads remarketing, Pinterest tag, and bing tag.

Pixel site is really important for any kind of website that helps you to track the automatically important actions. This all can be done without using any coding on your website. You can now track everything with one single plugin.

The pixel site has easy digital download integration work with full dynamic pixel support, e-commerce, and tag e-commerce events. You can also configure your events on website sending and tracking by Facebook, Google, and Pinterest that contains the URL of your website.

Wowgpl.com is really good for you to purchase the GPL product at a good price and you get the all featured option in it.

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Showing all 9 results