Yoast News SEO Premium 13.2

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Yoast News SEO Premium free download

Yoast News SEO premium free download with membership Yoast news plugin is meant to be used for news-based websites. If you plan on building a website which gathers the latest news about recent events locally or globally then this is the tool for you. Yoast News SEO is becoming popular in the field of news. It utilizes the latest SEO techniques and optimizes your website for Google news, one of the best Latest and Top news presenting platform.

Yoast news is one of the most widely used News Plugin. Yoast News SEO Premium plugin allows you to perfectly optimize your website for Google News. One thing that almost every news based website focuses on is fetching the latest news related to the topic or any kind of general news faster than their competition. Your webpage needs to be excellently optimized if you plan on becoming the fastest news provider. Yoast allows you to do all the things which help optimize your website. It allows you to create editor’s Picks, RSS News Feed and XML sitemap. It also enables you to use standout tags and Meta news keywords tags, which help improve some advanced XML News sitemap options like stock tickers.

Yoast optimizes your posts according to search engine factors. It does not submit your website to Google News it just optimizes your posts format it in such a way which Google News likes to show its news.

Premium Version packs more features than the non-paid version which increases the pace of the post-optimization process. A license key is given with the product download and users are guided through each step for the activation. The front-end is quite interactive and self-explanatory so you don’t have to worry about installation and integration of the plugin.

Yoast News SEO premium plugin is a standalone plugin but works best with Yoast SEO plugin. IF you have both of these themes installed on your PC then you are halfway done with the SEO process. Rest is up to your creative skills i.e. how you set up and manage your website. News SEO Premium download now from srmehranclub

How to install Yoast News SEO Premium:

  • Download the plugin by clicking Download button
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and then click on ADD NEW and then UPLOAD PLUGIN
  • Select the plugin form your PC
  • Upload the plugin and install it on your PC. After installation, click the Activate button and you are good to go

Yoast News SEO premium free download Features:

Yoast News SEO Premium is packed with some pretty impressive features

  • Using the finest SEO techniques, Yoast News SEO optimizes your website for Google News
  • Whenever there is the latest news, it immediately Pings to Google on the publication of that news
  • Create XML news Sitemaps for efficient news optimization
  • There are no long sitemap generation issues with Yoast news as seen by other news plugins
  • Optimizes tags and keywords of your post as per the policies of Google News
  • You have total control over exactly what article should be included in the XML sitemap

The interface is quite intuitive and self-explanatory

Yoast News SEO Premium free download

Yoast News SEO Premium free download Are you the owner of Google News website? If yes, then Yoast News SEO plugin is especially for you. It will automatically optimize your website for Google News and immediately pings Google on the publication of a new article. It also generates sitemap XML for Google News.

Yoast News SEO Premium buy now here only $10 Join membership for unlimited download

  • Optimize your site for Google News
  • Immediately pings Google on the publication of a new post
  • Creates XML News Sitemaps

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Released DateDecember 16, 2017
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